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Stair Chair Demo

Posted by on Apr 25, 2014 in EMT-B Training

Our Class of 2014 Seniors had the opportunity to try out the latest state of the art EZ-Glide® with Powertraxx™  Stair Chair from FERNO. View Full Album On April 25th 2014, FERNO Regional Sales Rep Alex Keen demonstrated their new motorized unit, then our students got hands on training with it. EZ-Glide® with Powertraxx™  Stair Chair from FERNO.   Our students said it was different than the non-motorized units, You have to hold the new ones down to the stairs (So the tracks get a grip on the stairs), the non-motorized, you need to pick them up. Chief Riddle got a ride down and back up the stairs, he said it was smooth ride. Traditionally, EMT’s carried patients in and down stairs in a sturdy kitchen type chair, then a “Stair Chair” was invented to make it more safe. The EMS Stair Chair folded up to fit in an ambulance, it has handles on the top and bottom of the chair for the EMT’s to lift and carry the patient. Now, with the motorized units, the chair does “most” of the work. Saving the backs of EMT’s. Non-Motorized Basic Stair Chair   We want to thank Mr. Alex Keen and FERNO for the expert training and the opportunity to learn with the newest equipment....

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