About the Firefighter Program


Everyday in this country firefighters serve the community by responding to emergencies. These firefighters work or volunteer in communities large and small, in rural and urban settings, and offer fire protection to everything from forests to the world’s largest airports. They respond to structure fires, vehicle accidents, and emergency medical calls. Firefighters are often the first step in preventing or controlling disaster.

A career in Firefighting provides the opportunity to work as a part of a team, utilize unique skills and provide life safety. On any given day, firefighters may be called upon to search burning buildings for trapped parties, extricate patients from a vehicle with the Jaws of Life, or raise ladders to a window to help a victim escape the flames. These highly trained firefighters work in action-oriented environments where they can impact the lives of the community they serve. By using their firefighter training, equipment and experience, firefighters have the opportunity to make a difference every day.

Students entering the firefighter training program will learn the basics of firefighting: to use safety and protective equipment, fire behavior, hazardous materials operations and how to properly rescue victims. Students train in a standard firefighter uniform wearing at least 50-60 pounds of equipment, with hand tools, air packs and protective gear. They also learn leadership and incident command skills in addition to fundamental medical skills.